30 Days to build a bookshop: Day 6

Yesterday, like the massive plank that I am, I dropped a massive plank of wood on my toes so today I picked up my first set of steelies and my god I had no idea they were so comfy. My feet are delighted with me. Instead of dragging my carcass in on my bike I opted for the bus and really enjoyed the bus drivers choice of party tunes. Justin Timberlake, as if #freebritney had never happened, but they were some serious bops.


Interior of the shop with building rubble everywhere

I made it to the shop, I pulled down more wall, met some lovely locals, one of them taught me what bam pots means. Hit my stride with screws today; chisel off the paint, scrape away the excess, then use another screw to claw paint from the head before getting the drill involved. Everything going according to the plan I should’ve made before I started.  

Popped in to the Italian up the road for a half a peroni before catching the bus, me and my plant pot sat in the sun for a while. I have some very dull paperwork to do tonight so I’m heading home a bit early. 

La Dolce Vita

A beer and an oxalis triangularis plant on a table in the sun.

24 Days to go