30 Days to build a bookshop: Day 9

Rest day! 

Cycled over to the hospital as part of the Valneva vaccine trial today. They took my blood, temperature, blood pressure than gave me my 2nd jab, which felt incredible. Then I passed out for a few hours which I think I’m going to do again fairly soon. Getting the end dose felt like a helluva milestone. Not gonna lie I really wanted to hug the nurse who gave it to me. 

My cat has been pretty annoyed that I’ve been gone so much so it was nice to spend sometime with him even though he woke me from my slumber by whacking me in the face. 

People have been *incredibly* generous with the fundraiser and we hit a huuuuuuuge checkpoint earlier. Getting past 50% in a day. Today was spent mainly sleeping and bawling every time a new donation came in. I’m so grateful to everyone and it means when I meet with the shopfitter on Thursday we can start on some serious planning. Eeeeeeep. So much love to all.

I’m going to go to sleep soon but tomorrow I’ll be back in the shop to keep cracking on

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