30 Days to build a Bookshop: Day 10

Got in this morning and got most of the rubbish into one corner so I could focus on getting the Slatwall down. There’s a little video on my Instagram if anyone wants to watch me playing builder.

Glasgow tenement window with beautiful stained glass
I managed to get the first piece of Slatwall down but there rest are fixed very firmly into place and I can’t see how. I feel like I’m solving a big weird never ending puzzle. I knew the shopfitter Gary was coming at six so I figured that he’d have some bright ideas and left it for a while. Chipped off some tiles near one of the sinks so that I could separate a board from the wall which meant I got to use my safety goggles again. The guy from Openreach (Barry)rocked up to get my line installed so I will have internet. For about an hour and a half he tried to figure out how to do it but sadly there’s no access to run a line in. We checked all round the closes and saw the back of the building which had the most beautiful windows I’d ever seen and some of the wackiest wiring Barry had ever seen. Apparently they’re going to send a surveyor out to make a plan but I’m honestly worried that the process will mean we won’t be able to open on 1st July. Am probably panicking for nothing. 



I kept on doing as many little jobs as I could but I started getting the feeling that I was getting to the ends of what I could achieve on my own. Luckily Gary was coming at six. I called round salvage yards to see if any had the the aluminium doors I need for the shop. My plan is to get an older door that actually fits and then modify it to be a power assisted door so it can work both ways in the future. It was tricky to get the right measurements because at the moment we have a bulky wooden frame retrofitted on to the aluminium one. I also called round some companies that might be able to do the whole job for me just in case the money works out. Waiting on quotes so please keep your fingers crossed for me. A lovely local called Annie popped by with offers of help. She has a chef boyfriend who is apparently very handy at building things and sometimes breaking things so I’m definitely going to bother them for help at some point. 

Gary texted, he was having to cancel because he’s done his back in. Poor love. He’s such a sweetie and I know all the tradies in Glasgow are working flat out right now because there’s been such a long ban on work being done in homes. He gave me some great advice and the number for people who will be able to take the building waste away so I’ll get on to them tomorrow. I was feeling kind of dispirited after this so I packed it in and had a fly(?) half at Minnesotta Fats again while I made my plan for tomorrow. 

Now I’m home and fed and clean again I’m going to try and get some emailing done and get to bed before 11. Thanks for sticking with me guys 

20 Days to go...