30 Days to build a bookshop: Day 11

Still feeling pretty gutted that Gary can’t get started yet so was feeling quite unmoored all day. Couldn’t seem to figure out what to next so decided to just keep going even if I didn’t quite have a coherent plan yet. Decided to take the beams down from the ceiling. There’s these slatted beams that are underneath the suspended ceiling and some of them have lights attached. I tried using a hacksaw to cut the nails which was getting me nowhere so I grabbed the saw and went straight through the wood on a couple of beams. After that there was enough space between them that I could use a hammer to hang them out the side and lower them down. They’re nice looking wood so I’m going to save them and use them for the counter if they work. Here’s me doing some beam removal

I then went to start taking down the suspended ceiling and *oh my days* it is terrifying up there. The first time wasn’t coming very easily then suddenly it sort of snapped in two and plaster dust and rubble just poured down on me. That happened a few more times but I managed to get most of it down. I was delighted to discover that even though the plaster is falling down and there are live wires hanging all over the place (some with scorch marks! What the hell) there was also a few little treats waiting for me up there.

The first was this great sign. I was told that before it was a tattoo studio it was a tailors. But I can’t figure out what this sign was for. Maybe a golf supplies shop? No

Dirty red sign that read ‘putting you first’
The really great thing that was waiting for me was finding out that the suspended ceiling doesn’t hang down from the original ceiling. Someone put together a wooden frame about 20cm above the suspended ceiling. I’m pleased about this because building Gary was going to have to build a frame when he raised the ceiling. The new ceiling would then be attached to the bottom of it. Fingers crossed when he sees it it’ll be strong enough to hold the new ceiling. We’ll still need to extend it a little because now I’ve taken out the dividing wall we’d have a pretty weird gap bit we *might* have saved ourselves a bit of time and money with this discovery.
Suzi popped by and gave me the great news that she also can’t get a BT line and used a mobile internet thingy and it works fine so if Openreach can’t help me then I’ll still be able to get the internet to the EPOS
Black and white cat sitting on an old pizza box
I completely crashed out when I got home, when I woke up again I finally got round to cleaning the house. I’ve been an utter slob the last 11 days for obvious reasons. The cat has decided his new bed is an old pizza box that’s been kicking around. It felt really good to clean the kitchen. What have I become?
Still waiting on quotes for the carious door options and got in touch with some rubbish removal guys as well. 

I think it’s all still going okayish except - oh no
18 Days to go...