30 Days to build a Bookshop: Day 12

Yesterday morning I went to the post office to pick up the paint samples. I feel a bit nervous about making aesthetic choices for the shop because I’ve never really had a good sense for this kind of thing but I stuck them up on the wall and I think they look nice so I guess I’m going to order some paint this

4 Paint samples stuck on a red wall. Periwinkle blue, light blue, cream white and dark brown

At the shop I unwired the lamps from the remaining wooden beams. They were all on the same circuit so had to do them in order and pull up the wires as I moved around. After getting the lights off I could take off the last two beams which meant the slatwall on the right hand side of the shop down was ready to come down.

Slatwall was glued to the wall behind it super strong so I used a similar method as the mirror except using the chisel to lever it out. It took forever and when one bit popped out it sent me flying across the room so I went even more slowly after

Cream vinyl wallpaper with a floral border

I took some more of the suspended ceiling down. This part of the ceiling has even more rubble on it and I decided to call it a day at the shop when a huge amount cascaded down on me like the shower scene in Tank Girl except I was playing Wham not Portishead.  After work I went to a pub garden and then a friends garden which was honestly amazing and fun and the most normal thing I’ve done in a while. I came home tipsy and completely neglected to write a blog post.

18 Days to go...