30 Days to build a Bookshop: Day 13

I spent most of this morning and part of the afternoon trying so sort out PayPal payments on the webshop. Something complicated and dull has happened and I don’t know how to fix it. I think it’s something to do with an old PayPal account I no longer have access to but after four hours I stopped caring enough to try and cancelled PayPal instead. I felt immediately better  so I’m sure I made the right decision. 

I decided I needed a day off building work so have spent the afternoon sending emails and cleaning my house. I’ve also uploaded some more author perks to the crowdfunder which I’m going to put live this week. I honestly can’t believe that we got to £9,000 in 4 days. It’s beyond incredible. I’m so excited about being able to send out Tote Bags because Nico Taylor has made them so darn beautiful. I’m hoping the author perks that drop this week will help us get to 10k and I’ve got a Prosecco in the fridge to celebrate with if we make it. 

I also ordered my paint from Lick. Worked on some responses for an interview to promote the fundraiser and make a big long list of all the building materials I need to order this week. I’m a bit worried deliveries will be tricky with the football on. We’re right round the corner from Hampden and people keep texting me with horror stories, telling me not to come in but I’m just going to assume everything is going to work out fine. I don’t really have the time to halt work at the shop every time there’s a match.

17 Days to go...