30 Days to build a Bookshop: Day 14

Oh. My. Days

Before I talk about how the day want, first I need to say the hugest of thankyous to all of you. Today we hit TEN THOUSAND POUNDS on the crowdfunder. This all happened in less than a week and I can’t tell you how much it means to me. When I set up the fundraiser I thought that *maybe* we’d get to about £5,000 when it was all over. I figured I’d be able to get the shop open in some capacity and then make it beautiful over the next few years. Seeing both old friends and total strangers rallying round to spread the world about it, say nice things and support the campaign has made my heart sing. Having people pop by the shop to say how excited they are has given me so much more confidence that the bookshop will be welcomed and successful and now I only hope to be able to do justice to all the support I’ve received. 

Thankyou so very, very much.

On to how they day went then I suppose. I got up as early as I could and kept responding to emails. I think my thumbs are going to be very strong when this is all over. I had a piano lesson at 10:30 at the Glasgow School of Music. I didn’t learn how to make sourdough in lockdown but I did get day drunk and buy a piano at one point. I’ve never played an instrument before but there’s something very soothing about learning a new skill. Letting your brain just follow instructions and bashing away as best you can.   Paul Murray is a funny kind man and a very good teacher who didn’t flinch when I burst into tears and said I didn’t think I could learn anything until the shop is open. Exhaustion has turned me into a huuuuge Drama Queen recently.

I headed to the shop and got the rest of the ceiling panels which felt great. It’s annoying that I finally get the hang of things right when I don’t need to do them anymore. After a couple of days showering in rubble dust I realised that the best method is to work the panels around the ceiling so they’re at a point where there are no wires then gently tip them down, resting them on your palm and shoulders as if you’re serving a huge pizza to carry them down.

Then I got into a physical altercation with the remaining Slat wall which will absolutely not come down despite all my


I spoke to the ironmongers about the twin slot shelving system and ended up with a quote of about 2.5k just fir the metal parts of the shelves. That seems waaaaay too steep so tomorrow I’m going to have a shopping and planning day. I have one wall free of slatwood so it’s time to start thinking about stripping the wallpaper, skimming and painting it. Exciting times. 

I got home and discovered my friend Ruth had sent me a big box of Lush products so I lay on the floor and had another silly little overly dramatic cry before making dinner.

16 Days to go...