30 Days to build a Bookshop: Day 16


Bookseller in yellow hard hat

I got to the shop early as Scottish Water were installing a meter yesterday. The fella was super nice and super speedy so it meant I had the whole day to keep going on the building work. I was hindered a bit by the complicated process of putting together a hard hat together so that ate up about 45 frustrating embarrassing minutes. I used the wire snippers to cut down the remainder of the suspended ceiling. Snip Snip Crash video here . I was very glad Gary lent me the wire snippers and VERY VERY glad he told me I had to get a hard hat. 

Met a really lovely couple called ‘The Guys’ who came by to say they were looking forward to having a local bookshop and a woman called Sadia who runs forestry wellness workshops and wants to link up for winter events when outdoor activities are limited. It’s exciting that people are starting to think as the shop as a space they can utilise even when it looks like a building site right now. 

At 5 o’clock Gary arrived and in 45 minutes achieved more than I would have done in a week. I’m not going to lie it was absolutely thrilling. He had this thingy that test wires to see if they’re live and got all of the cables that I’ve been terrified of for the last two weeks down. He took out the last of the dividing wall that I’d spent the afternoon working on and let it be known he also got the evil Slatwall down on the left hand side. It was all so fast and skilled and fearless. I was just left standing there saying ‘forking hell Gary’ over and over again. By the time he was done the shop was completely opened up and ready for building back. It felt magnificent. 

Behold Mount Florida Books and our lovely events space.

Shop with lots of building rubble.
14 Days to go. Which is two weeks.
Two weeks to go...