30 Days to build a Bookshop: Day 17

I took a day off the shop today so I could crack on with paperwork. I needed to get a handle on ordering in things for the shop so spent the day trying to find the best deals on twin slot shelving systems, book displays, shelf clips and so on. It’s pretty dull and also an endless rabbit hole. 

I emailed the company who install power assist doors with measurement and videos of the entranceway and they’re sending out one of their guys to do a site survey so we can get the job booked in. I also need to figure out a fix for the step at the front which is probably just under an inch but it would be great if we can slope it down somehow so it’s easier for chairs. Caught up with more emails including chasing the solicitor who is handling the lease negotiation which seems to be dragging on. 

I packed it in and had pizza in the sunshine from ORO which was absolutely delicious. Now I’m watching Drop Dead Gorgeous which is such a great film I’m wondering why I don’t watch it annually. 

A Delicious pizza

13 Days to go...