30 days to build a Bookshop: Day 2

I'm bone tired and happy because we got a couple of biggish jobs sorted today, with the help of angel-man Michael Plummer from Gardners Books the website is now ready to launch so people can start ordering through us online if they want to. There's more I want to do to it but it'll do for now and people can get books which is the main thing.


At the physical premises Conrad rocked up again to help with getting the sign down which we still haven't managed because I get vertigo real fast and the sign is very very high up. Instead we took out the cupboard in the window to get the area ready for a window display, it also means we are one step closer to getting THE BIG BOARD down. Under that there's a slat wall and I'm really excited to find out what's behind the slat wall. It was definitely a job for two people so I was more than glad to have a friend there to help. Keith even stopped by today and dropped some more excellent facts about Mount Florida which I've added to our Insta page @_mfbooks - he's a dreamboat. Check him out.

In the back room I took some boards off the wall so needed to get the wall plugs out (tricky little ******) and filled them in. Also got the very satisfying task of scraping putty off the walls and sanding it down. Today I also found the courage to record a video for he kickstarter. Public speaking makes me feel like my brain is falling out but being really tired actually takes the anxiety out quite a lot. Yes I'm covered in plaster dust, my speech impediment is more pronounced and I barely remember to say any of the things I want to say, but that task is now done and I've submitted it to Kickstarter for approval which feels like a major win so I've headed home to upload more books to the webshop while drinking in the garden.