30 Days to build a Bookshop: Day 19

Still can’t do anything in the shop so decided to take a trip to the seaside. We went to Troon for a trip and I got a chance to get stuck in to Scabby Queen, absolutely loving it so far. Kirstin Innes dialogue is an absolute joy that keeps you ripping through the pages and her characters and settings so true to life. 
A copy of Scabby Queen on a yellow beach towel on the same with someone’s feet in the background.

I got an email from a customer who had ordered through the website while I was on the train and  realised as well as the PayPal confusion I also need to figure out how to put pre-order tags for books on the website. It’s tricky to do anything techy at the moment without a working computer but popped an email to our suppliers who have a good working knowledge of the Shopify platform and might be able to advise me on this. 
A sea green interior of a public bathroomWoman on a beach stroking a big dog

For the rest of the day I loafed hard, Troon beach is vast and we saw so many very good dogs. I also felt really attached to the loos at Troon, they’re in a kind terrazzo effect plastic in a lovely washy sea green colour, they’re kept in immaculate condition. Gold Star Toilets. I got to swim in the sea for the first time since last February and topped off the day with a Nutella Sundae. I know I’m slacking but it feels so good.

Two ladies in masks on a train


11 Days to go...