30 Days to build a Bookshop: Day 22

Poor Callum had problems at the dump again so is scheduled to come back to take away the rest of the rubbish on Wednesday instead. It’s all moving further and further away as the date moves closer. I’m not sure I’m going to be able to open on 1st July.

A van full or rubbish

I’m running around so much at the moment I’m starting to make mistakes. Had to be in at the shop early to take delivery of some hairpin legs for the makeshift counter we’ll be using to get up and running but I left the lease documents on the bus and really needed to go over them throughout the day as my brain gets very very stupid in the evenings. Heather from Extra Teeth and David from Golden Hare Books came to my rescue by printing em out for me and had a great chat with David outside the shop when he dropped them off. Halfway through a dog came running up the middle of the road, collared and clearly well cared for it was bobbing in and out of traffic and causing Merry hell along the Cathcart Road, David pegged it to try and catch up with the dog to rescue him and I went to the vets across the road to grab some dog food and a lead in case we needed it. By the time I got up to Hardys hardware dog and David were completely lost to me but then a completely different dog came past doing the same thing. I followed it up the side road it took to see if it was okay but lost it in the park area - checked with a passer by to see if he’d seen it and the guy was like yeah black dog I’m looking for it too. Dog #2 was white with sandy brown patches. By this point there were three dogs running around MF - traffic was going bonkers and  the guys at Hampden were trying to set up for the game. While looking for Dog #2 I found Dog #1 who was pretty distressed and doing circuits around Hampden. Me and some Mount Floridians positioned ourselves with pedigree chum at the corners Dog #1seemed to be hitting. Dog #1 would stop if you whistled or called but bugger off as soon as they saw you weren’t their owner. i  lay an enticing dinner of pedigree chum down on the pavement so the smell would waft over to Dog#1 and a tradie came up to see if I’d seen Dog#1. Him and his guys had been doing work in a flat when Dog #1 had bolted from their home. I told him our plan and the circuit his dog was gave him the lead that the vets had donated and the remainder of the pedigree chum

Pack of pedigree chum dog food on a dusty floor

Kept looking for Dogs 2 & 3 but had no luck - then met Dog #1 and owner who was called Oggie and a very lovely dog. 

That’s Bookselling for you I guess

8 Days to go…