30 Days to build a Bookshop: Day 23

As I was bashing out yesterday’s blog post on the bus home my phone died and I didn’t have the energy to write it all again until now. For anyone that needs to hear it. Remember to keep pressing save on whatever you’re working on.

I got into the shop early as Chris from EAS was coming to get us a quote out for the access door. I thought it would all be straightforward but their doors would have to have a construct built in that would mean the door would actually be smaller than it is now unless we rebuild the entire front of the shop. He did say that we can get a door made (by someone else) that will fit the frame we have and then we can have an access mechanism fitted into it. This was what Gary initially suggested to I think will be the ultimate plan. 
Man measuring a door frame

I then legged it to the hospital so they could take my blood away as I’m part of the Valneva trial. Happy to report I wasn’t such a wimp about it this time round. After that I swung by my house and picked up the Rust oleum spray that I wanted to test on the light fittings. 

Callum showed up around noon to get more rubbish shifted. It make such a psychological difference seeing it all being taken away. He’ll be back tomorrow to pick up the metal for recycling. 

I stuffed paper into the light fittings to protect the electric bits and cleaned dried and sprayed one side of one to see if I liked it. I think I do. I’ll check what it looks like when I get to the shop today.

Headed home after doing a or of clearing up and chatted through shop plans with Gary 

We’ve got just one week to go with the crowdfunder and need  4.5k to make it to our goal. I need to try and get some more momentum going with it so I’m the morning I’ll release another author perk amd see if we can get some love. It’s incredible that people have supported it so much and it would be amazing if we can get to the finish line. 

7 days to go…