30 Days to build a Bookshop: Day 28

Oh the days are disappearing faster than I can type. First thing on Monday it looked like the twin slot shelving I ordered had been delivered to a school in Essex. I called up Ironmongery direct and begged them get some to me as fast as possible. There had been a mix up with the delivery tracking so my shelving was actually at a depot in Glasgow but wouldn’t be delivered until 3rd. I begged a little (a lot) and they called their delivery guys and begged a little more (probably a lot more) and it was put on a lorry and brought to me later that day. It seems the stink of desperation on me me right now is really working in my favour. I chased up the paint people who were delivering the paint to seal the concrete floor and that was put on a next day delivery and arrived Tuesday. Then I set to sanding down the entrance wall. Gary lent me his electric sander and I got a smooth enough finish by working from 80 up to 240 and ready to paint.

Building waste piled against a wall

I realised that as the opening stock levels will be pretty low I’d need to face out a lot of books so ordered some display stands to arrive on Tuesday. I liked the smoky acrylic ones but the sizing on them was all out of whack so ordered with another company who put sizes on the website.


We still hadn’t managed to get the rubbish cleared as Callum was very busy but it was getting impossible to move forward with building work so I contacted Sumo Waste who were great and came within an hour and took everything away. The lads did an immense job and if there weren’t a global pandemic I would’ve kissed their beautiful faces. Gary absolutely powered through and got all the MDF cladding on the walls and built the new electricity cupboard. He also reused the old pine boards to make skirting boards which had formerly been a slatted ceiling so the shop smelled so damn good all day.

The bookshop with the rubbish cleared away and building equipment to the left hand side

That night Gary cleared out all his equipment and I started painting the walls. My arm is still a bit buggered from vaccine trial so it was fairly slow going in terms of cutting in but rollering was obviously more fun. There’s a little video in IGTV. It’s starting to feel like and actually shop now.


2 Days to go…