30 Days to build a bookshop: Day 3

Waiting in for my shiny new EPOS system meant I was stuck at home all morning but gave me the chance to catch up on paperwork, spoke to our insurers, emailed the lovely shopfitter to see if he was still up for helping out. It also gave me the opportunity to spill milk all over my laptop so I’m writing this blog from my phone. Apologies if the formatting is out of whack.

 EPOS system with Mount Florida Books Logo on the screen

I took it to irepair in Battlefield so fingers crossed it’ll all get sorted; they have the cutest logo

Picture of an electronics repair shop called irepair with a pear in the logo
When I got to the shop I got another one of those huge panels off the wall and then figured out the slatwall was just held on by screws so started working on them. All the work today felt a bit small and fiddly after the big panel but I’m excited to see what layer we get down to next
Picture of a wall with a large ply panel on it  Picture of a wall covered in slats

After that I decided to head home but felt weirdly exhausted on the way back, was saved by Tinto Tapas Bar who served me Patatas bravas fried hard , aubergine drizzled in Spanish honey and breaded fried cheese. Completely restored I’ve just made it home and going to call it a night. 

27 days to go.