30 Days to build a bookshop; Day 7

Shop interior with dividing wall stripped back to studs

It might not look like such a huge difference in the photos but (finally!) getting the wall down has allowed me to get to grips with what the bookshop is going to look like. The light was streaming in and the space opened up in front of me and it is BIG. Really big. The events are going to be amazing. 
shop interior with diving wall intact

I won’t be in the shop for the next two days as my shop computer is being delivered tomorrow and I’m getting my jabs on Wednesday so I’ll be at home tinkering around with paperwork instead. Tomorrow I’ll also be launching our fundraiser so we can make Mount Florida Books the accessible and welcoming space that the community deserves. 

I’m signing off, because girls only want one thing, and it’s to get all the rubble dust out of their bras. 

24 Days to go