30 Days to build a Bookshop: Days 26 & 27

We’ve got 3 days to reach our target of £15,000 and just £3.5k to go. It’s a pretty wild time. Big Big Thankyou to everyone who has supported so far. I’ve been spam texting people I haven’t seen for ages and I know I should’ve been doing loads more social media promotion but I’ve been absolutely floored by the shop building process. Or more accurately I’ve been walled and ceilinged. Check it out. It’s very nearly a shop!

Gary has been doing an immense job. With three days to get the shop ready for opening I’m feeling unreasonably optimistic. I’ve been slacking on the blog updates so thought I’d share what we’ve got on our to-do lists

Finish MDF cladding walls

Sand down speckled walls at back

Sand down sign in hallway

Paint sign in hallway

Remove art by Zaz sign (or cover up for now)

Finish window MDF Cladding

Door for electricity box

Infill patchy parts of shop floor and steps

Floor levelling thingy

Get rubbish cleared

Seal concrete floor 2 x coats paint

Chase shelving delivery

Chase paint delivery

Spray paint twin slot shelving

Install twin slot shelving

Cut shelves

Cut table and give it legs

Fire risk assessment

Fire extinguishers next day delivery

Order Book Stands

Brushes tray and rollers

Order Card display stand

Card delivery

Brown paper roll dispenser

Brown paper roll

Brown paper bags

Tote bags ordered

Bookmarks Ordered

Postcards ordered

Brown tape

Tape dispenser

Windows cleaned

Pens for window

Gardners paid up to end of Month

Bring Paper from home

Bring till equipment from home

Run internet wire to behind desk

Contact accountant Accountant

Draw Window signs

Handgel station

Covid risk assessment

Covid signage

Shelf signage

Contact solicitor re Lease agreement

paint walls

set up shop computer

order books from Gardners

shelve all the books

It’s for sure all going to happen in 3 days