Homelands Pot Luck Dinner with Chitra Ramaswamy | April 27th @7pm


In a fit of excitement we've seen to update this very special event to a pot luck dinner to celebrate the paperback launch. 

Participants will be invited (but not required) to bring a dish which feels like home to share , if you're unable to bring anything please don't worry and if you have any dietary requirements please let us know in advance and we will make sure you are well fed. I'll be updating this page to let everyone know what's for dinner

Join us for an evening with Chitra Ramaswamy to celebrate her book Homelands : The history of a friendship

This book is about two unlikely friends. One born in 1970s Britain to Indian immigrant parents, the other arrived from Nazi Germany in 1939, fleeing persecution.

This is a story of migration, racism, family, belonging, grief and resilience. It is about the state we’re in now and the ways in which we carry our pasts into our futures.


Homelands is beautiful in unusual and wonderful ways, beyond the grace and magic when its prose rises almost to poetry. It is an extravagant exploration of the imaginative possibilities of empathy, of how a friendship can build a bridge across differences in origins and age, how you can enter into another life, why you should, what happens when you do”

The Times

“Achingly beautiful”

“An utterly engrossing story that spans the twentieth century, surveying otherness, family and belonging, but above all friendship. I could not stop reading this gorgeous book”

“An eloquent testament to the tribulations of national belonging”
New Statesman

Chitra Ramaswamy is an award-winning journalist and author. Her first book, Expecting: The Inner Life of Pregnancy, won the Saltire First Book of the Year Award and was shortlisted for the Polari Prize. She has contributed essays to Antlers of Water, Nasty Women, The Freedom Papers, The Bi-ble and Message from the Skies. She is a TV critic for the Guardian, the restaurant critic for The Times Scotland, a columnist for the National Trust for Scotland and broadcasts regularly for BBC Radio Scotland. She lives in Edinburgh with her partner, two young children and rescue dog. you can follow here @Chitgrrl

As always tickets are free but need to be booked in advance and you can pre order a copy of the paperback here

The Menu So Far

Latke / Cucumber salad / Tabbouleh  / Puliyogare / Tomato and Dahl Raita  / Lamingtons / Hummus / Tiger Bread / Vegan Gyoza / Chocolate Babka / Something delicious for the table