Samantha Walton | 10th September @7pm

Join us for a night of readings and discussion with Samantha Walton, author of Everybody Needs Beauty. 

'Beautifully written, intimate and intellectually fascinating' Nathan Filer

Everybody is talking about the healing properties of nature. Hospitals are being retrofitted with gardens, and forests reimagined as wellbeing centres. On Shetland, it is possible to walk into a doctor's surgery with anxiety or depression, and walk out with a prescription for nature.

Where has this come from, and what does 'going to nature' mean? Where is it - at the end of a garden, beyond the tarmac fringes of a city, at the summit of a mountain? Drawing on history, science, literature and art, Samantha Walton shows that the nature cure has deep roots - but, as we face an unprecedented crisis of mental health, social injustice and environmental devastation, the search for it is more urgent now than ever.

Everybody Needs Beauty engages seriously with the connection between nature and health, while scrutinising the harmful trends of a wellness industry that seeks to exploit our relationship with the natural world. In doing so, this book explores how the nature cure might lead us towards a more just and radical way of life: a real means of recovery, for people, society and nature.

Samantha Walton is a reader in Modern Literature at Bath Spa University, where the focus of her research for the last five years has been the link between nature and mental health. In 2016, she won a major research grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council for a two-year project called ‘Cultures of Nature and Wellbeing: Connecting Health and the Environment through Literature’, and she was a Writing Fellow at the prestigious Rachel Carson Centre in Munich. She is also a poet, and her collection Self Heal was one of the White Review’s books of the year in 2018. She has appeared on the BBC, and at a number of festivals including Green Man and Wilderness to speak about her research. @samlwalton

As always tickets are free but must be booked in advance and you can pre-order a signed copy for collection on the night