Samuel Fisher - Wivenhoe | 24th February @7pm


Join us to celebrate the release of Wivenhoe by Samuel Fishera haunting novel set in an alternate present, in a world that is slowly waking up to the fact that it is living through an environmental disaster. Taking place over twenty-four hours and told through the voices of a mother and her adult son, we see how one small community reacts to social breakdown and isolation.


Never thought he would miss the mud: the gleaming, slickness of it. The slap and suck at the turning of the tide; its rich, bird-shit stink after a hot day and a couple of pints at the Rose. Or the green-blue-yellow hues that marked the changes in the light, as the days and seasons marched over the village and the river. And now, just snow. Endless snow.

A young man is found brutally murdered in the middle of the snowed-in village of Wivenhoe. Over his body stands another man, axe in hand. The gathered villagers must deal with the consequences of an act that no-one tried to stop.

Samuel Fisher’s debut novel, THE CHAMELEON, was recipient of a Betty Trask Award. He is co-owner of Burley Fisher Books and a director of Peninsula Press, a publisher of boundary pushing fiction and non-fiction, founded in 2017 by three booksellers and based in London.

As always tickets will be free but you can really help out the bookshop by pre-ordering the book here so we know how many to order.