The Girl Who Learned All The Languages Of The World-9781912915095

The Girl Who Learned All The Languages Of The World

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Author(s): Flamingo, Ieva,
Binding: Paperback,
Date of Publication: 24/01/2019,
Pagination: ,
Series: N/A,
Imprint: The Emma Press,
Published By: The Emma Press,
Book Classification: Children's, young adult & educational,
Dimensions: 209 x 153 x 11
ISBN13/EAN/SKU: 9781912915095

Meet Lela – a clever little girl who is also very stubborn. Despite her mum and dad encouraging her to learn a new language, Lela refuses, arguing that dogs don’t try to neigh. This leaves her in a bit of a pickle at an important international party where she can’t understand anything the grown-ups are saying and feels utterly miserable. Lela vows from this moment on to learn all of the languages of the world, one word at a time… Join Lela on her journey, learning words in Latvian, French, Finnish, German, Spanish, Italian, Estonian, Swedish, Slovenian, Dutch, Maltese and Russian. Filled with humour, adventure and learning, this delightful book will leave you wanting to learn more and more languages.